A Recipe for Homemade Food for Dogs With Skin Allergies

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If your dog suffers from skin allergies, you’re probably wondering if you can make him something at home. The Youtube video “Homemade Dog Food Recipe! [Cured my Dog’s allergies]” shows the perfect homemade food for dogs with skin allergies. Let’s find out more!

First, you’ll need some ground beef or turkey. Boil it in plenty of water. Afterward, boil some carrots in another pot and add frozen peas after a few minutes.

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Additionally, include some spinach in that same pot. Cook brown rice separately as well.

Once the meat is done cooking, strain it. This will remove most of the fat, which is unhealthy for your dog. Also, strain the carrot-pea-spinach mixture once it’s ready and cut the carrots into tiny pieces. In a big bowl, add the strained meat and veggies. Mix everything well and taste it if you want. Once the rice is done, you can include it in the mix. Finally, give a bowl to your pup once everything has cooled down.

The remaining food can be stored as best needed. Place it in Ziploc bags and freeze it for the rest of the week. Your dog is sure to love it!

Check out the rest of the video for full details and instructions regarding this recipe.