Being on a Budget Does Not Mean You Need To Eat Poorly

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Healthy meals for family

To most people, when you mention the word Budget, it means scrimping money and suffering because of it. And if you tell people that they need to eat on a budget, they immediately think about TV dinners, dollar menus, soda, junk food. They are all the cheapest foods in the grocery store, right?

All wrong. There are thousands of cheap healthy family recipes that you can find. You can even find a USDA low cost food plan that will not only help you save and spend on a budget, but also have you buying the healthier alternatives for your family, instead of what is perceived as cheaper.

Without even getting into the logistics of a USDA low cost food plan, let us discuss the idea of Cost. Look at the price of a package of Oreos. A great after school snack, right? As long as the kids only eat a couple, the package lasts forever, and if they have some milk with it, they get their calcium too. Win win, right?

Now look at the price of a bunch of bananas. Half to a quarter of the price of the pack of Oreos. They do not last as long, but if you get a bunch every week, it will still take you two to four weeks to meet the price of the Oreos. So, they are essentially the same price when you do the math.

Now look at the health benefits. What is a banana made of? Simple sugars, a little starch, a ton of potassium, a bunch of other vitamins. And an Oreo? High fructose corn syrup, sugar, vegetable oil (the unhealthy kind). No actual chocolate or cream to be found.

What comes from eating bananas as a kid? A proclivity toward fresh produce, more energy, which leads to a desire to do more things outside and active. All culminating in a healthier life overall. And now examine the Oreo. Sugars and chemicals make your gain weight, lose energy, and make you more prone to sitting on the couch and watching cartoons while eating more Oreos. That life of ingestion of synthetics and inactivity then leads to a much more complicated health later on, which means more doctors bills, and is therefore more expensive.

Thus concludes my thesis on Oreos being more expensive than bananas. But seriously, consider the implications and repercussions of your groceries. Do your research for just what actually is cheaper. And always go for fresh.