Frozen Foods, Dessert’s, and Everything In Between

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Paper ice cream cup

The culture of the world has completely shifted over the past twenty years and everything has changed now that we have more technology. The expansion of technology has to lead to many innovations and many creations that change how we interact with the world. Look no further than the internet for how the culture has in terms of what we talk about and what we consume in terms of content.

There are now people who view food as art, yes, food is now viewed as art. No matter which way you switch it up, this is unquestionably true. Think about the fact that food blogs have now taken off in terms of importance and furthermore chefs have now taken to Instagram and other social media platforms to show off the food that they make. Specifically, the world of frozen dessert has exploded as more and more people like sweets. Here is what you need to know about the new age of frozen dessert.

According to research conducted by the National Purchase Diary, which tracks what people consume and spend money on, within any given two- week period more nearly half of all Americans will consume ice cream. Understand that the average American will eat ice cream at least 29 times this year. People love to eat their frozen dessert after their dinner and will travel to get something that tastes good.

Just about 90% of all United States households will regularly eat a sweet and frozen treat, which includes what most people view as a frozen dessert. Right now in the United States, there is more than 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream and similar frozen dessert treats produced each year. People will choose to eat out their frozen dessert out of an ice cream cup, ice cream containers, or even yogurt cups.

June is the month in which the most ice cream is produced and nearly 9% of all milk produced amongst dairy farmers in the United States is used to produce and create ice cream, the most popular frozen dessert. Ice cream will contain more than 50% air when the churning process has ended whereas Gelato will contain between 3 and 8% milk-fat and up to 30% air.

In Conclusion

The International Ice Crea Association conducted a survey amongst members companies and this revealed that the most popular flavor amongst consumers was vanilla with 28% of the votes. People love to eat their frozen dessert and they will go to stores and even frozen yogurt shops to get them. As a matter of fact, frozen dessert yogurt stores are incredibly popular. Understand that by the end of 2013 there were more than 2,5000 frozen yogurts stores being opened up.