Fun Facts About Queen Creek

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Queen creek equestrian center

If you are a resident of Queen Creek Arizona, it is possible that you already know the extensive list of things to do in queen creek AZ. However, there are so many of them, that I will go on to list a few here as well.

Cash mobs are groups who use social networking to organize support for local businesses, and they have a fantastic calling in Queen Creek. Queen Creek is home to the only olive farm and olive mill in Arizona. Visiting the Queen Creek Olive Mill is also a great way to experience Queen creek restaurants, since it offers a marketplace with a variety of foods and eateries.

Another great attraction is the Queen Creek Equestrian Center and Horseshoe Park. The Queen Creek Equestrian Center hosts both western and english equestrian events, home shows, RV shows, and car shows. The Queen Creek Equestrian Center is also a great place to host a concert or a wedding.

Rediscover the community that is Queen Creek, listed one of Forbes Magazines most friendly towns of 2012, by visiting the Queen Creek Equestrian Center, or any of the other attractions listed above.