Guacamole Is as Versatile As It Is Delicious

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Fresh guacamole

How many recipes with guacamole do you think there are? You might think that the only thing you can make with guacamole is… guacamole itself. But there are plenty of recipes using guacamole that you can learn about and try for yourself! There are some classic guacamole recipes that have been around for decades or more, and there are a million ways to make fresh guacamole dips, but there are also some inventive new guacamole recipes out there that are a little less conventional.

So what is guacamole? It’s a pasty dish made from crushed avocado, usually seasoned with a few other ingredients like lemon or salt. Ingredients like cumin, garlic, onions and so on can also find their way into some fairly basic recipes with guacamole. Making a spicy guacamole dip, for instance, is going to take some hot peppers of some kind, maybe some cayenne. But you take recipes with guacamole well beyond you basic dip!

Guacamole is somewhat famous for being high in fat, but it’s also concentrated with many nutrients. So it’s a food that’s both rich and healthy at the same time, although always enjoyed best in moderation. But that’s part of what makes it so great as a garnish or ingredient in other dishes. For instance, you’ll find there are recipes with guacamole like endless kinds of guacamole salad, tacos (even good with fish tacos) or a guacamole burger where the avocado puree and ground beef are cooked together with delicious results. Guacamole salads can be especially interesting and varied among recipes with guacamole, incorporating tons of possible ingredients and flavors. If you’re looking for some interesting recipes with guacamole, consult your favorite cook book, cooking show or online sites to find out what you can do to wow your dinner or party guests with this easy dish. Helpful research also found here.