How Better Groceries Could Mean Lower Costs

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Healthy meals for the family

If you were to look at the state of American nutrition at any given point over the last decade, chances are you would be horrified, shocked, and disgusted at exactly what the facts have to say. According to NBC News, the average American family spends as much as $289 weekly on groceries. What are we spending our hard-earned cash on? As The Learning Channel reports, sodas, processed breads, and junk food make up the bulk of American grocery expenditures. Subsequently, according to the New Hampshire Department of Health, Americans consume 152 pounds of sugar every year, leading directly to diabetes and obesity.

Why is it that Americans have such a hard time spending money on healthier food? As 57% of female respondents told ShopSmart Magazine, fruits, vegetables, and other food that is great for our health is simply too expensive. However, as will be seen, buying food that is good for us doesn’t have to mean an increased cost of grocery items.

Cut Personal and Societal Obesity Costs%3Cbr%3E
According to the Centers for Disease Control, 35.7% of American adults are obese, with many more overweight. As statistics from Food Politics show, obesity costs American individuals and tax payers a whopping $190 billion every year in lost work productivity and healthcare costs. Even if you believe that it is more expensive to cook healthy meals for the family, the fact is that spending a little more on the costs of grocery items that are good for you can save you and your family down the line.

Reduced Risk for Terminal Illnesses%3Cbr%3E
Better nutrition doesn’t just affect the costs of obesity. Cancer, heart disease, and diabetes rates can all be reduced through healthy family friendly recipes that focus on high quality ingredients. According to, risks for certain types of cancer are reduced by as much as 40% when people maintain a balanced diet and active lifestyle.

Organic Food Prices Don’t Have to Leave You Broke%3Cbr%3E
The biggest problem with American agriculture is that the American government defines most fruits and vegetables as specialty crops. Subsequently, if farmers aren’t growing corn, sugar, or soybeans, they aren’t going to get subsidies from the government, potentially leading to higher prices. In the supermarkets, this means Americans will typically spend more on produce. However, did you know you can save by buying organic food wholesale?

If you need to save on the cost of grocery items so you can make healthy family dinners, then consider buying bulk organic foods from an online source or your local growers. Consider, buying in bulk, according to, can save you as much as 20% on the cost of grocery items.

As you can see, eating healthy has wide ranging financial and medical benefits. Despite what the critics say, providing your family with the health and flavor of fresh, natural foods does not have to mean eating the ridiculously high cost of grocery items. Providers of bulk organic food can help you cut grocery costs and improve your well-being into the future.