How To Plan A Gelato Tasting Party

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Custom cups

When it comes to dessert, there?s nothing more filling and flavorful than gelato. Gelato cups are a great addition to any party or event. While they might serve the same function as ice cream cups and yogurt cup, gelato cups are on a whole other level. Gelato dessert cups are usually filled with fruit, wine, and even coffee depending on what type of flavor you have. Their variety and many concentrated flavors makes them perfect for parties. Here are a few tips on how you can make some good use of gelato spoons and cups while hosting your very own gelato tasting party.

First thing you?ll need for a great gelato tasting party are gelato supplies. This includes having a functional tablescape, gelato spoons, colorful plates, tablecloths, napkins, etc. Having the right supplies will not only make the party look and feel unique but it’s a great way liven up the scene. Make sure you have a way of keeping the tasty desserts cold at all times. Use as many freezers as you need and if this will be an outside event have a ice cooler filled with ice for the different kinds of gelato you?ll have available. This is a great way to ensure that the gelato will remain intact form the cups to the gelato spoons.

Pick the most popular flavors for your gelato party as well as some flavors that are unique as well. Ensure that you have extra supplies of fresh fruit, nuts, and syrup available for those who might want to spice up there serving or create their very own mix of treats. Give your guests the opportunity to be creative and test things out. A great way to do this is by having a functioning ice cream maker where guests can create their own flavors on the go. Try to keep it simple yet provide some very unique varieties.

Speaking of adding some variety to the flavors, make sure you do the same for the topping as well. Have the most irresistible garnishes to help your guests spice up their custom gelato. There?s nothing better than chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, toasted nuts, cookie crumbs, sprinkles, and candy to give your favorite gelato an extra boost in flavor. A gelato spoon full of the tasty frozen treats in the summer time is the most fun way to bring everyone together to cool off under the hot sun. Last but not least, be sure to have a wide selection of beverages available to go well with the many gelato delights on the serving table. Follow these tips and you?re sure to throw the best gelato party of the century.