Taking A Look At The Many Benefits Of Drinking Juice For People Of All Ages

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Getting enough fruits and vegetables over the course of a single day can be a challenging thing to do for just about anyone and especially for those who are leading particularly busy lives. After all, it is currently recommended that several cups of fruits and vegetables alike be eaten over the course of just one day – though nearly three quarters of the general population isn’t getting that amount. Finding the time to meet these recommendations can be a difficult task indeed, especially when the person in question is not particularly fond of cooking.

However, there are a number of ways that can make eating enough vegetables and particularly fruits all the easier for people of all ages here in the United States, children and adults alike. The answer, for many, lies in the sugarcane juicer. A commercial juicer is relatively easy to find and the benefits of creating juice with this commercial juicer are many. After all, the juice that you make with any given commercial juicer or NSF certified juicer will not have any added sugar in it, making juice made with a commercial juicer far healthier than many of the juice options that can be found at the typical grocery store here in the United States, many of which are laden with added sugars that completely detract from the health benefits of the fruits and vegetables used to create them.

And there are certainly many different fruits (and even vegetables, such as carrots, known for their sweet and mild flavor) that can easily become juice with the help of a commercial juicer or other such tool, like an automatic juicer or even a commercial citrus juicer, is you’re looking to get just a little bit more specific. But no matter what kind of commercial juicer you get your hands on, the world is full of possibilities, many of them with truly stellar nutritional content.

For instance, orange juice has long been a juice of incredible popularity here in the United States. In fact, it’s considered to be the most popular juice of all, as the average orange juice drinker in this country will consume, on average, more than 23.5 pounds of the stuff over the course of just one single year. And it’s a good thing too, as orange juice is chock full of many essential vitamins and minerals, components to leading a healthy life and cultivating a truly balanced diet.

After all, research has found that just one single servicing of orange juice (and only orange juice, no additives) actually contains everything from Vitamin C to Vitamin A to folate. In addition to this, this same sized serving will also have things like potassium, fiber, magnesium, and even some protein in it as well. And you get all of this for less than 50 calories, meaning that orange juice packs quite a bang for its buck, so to speak.

But orange juice is certainly not the only type of healthy juice that can be made with the help of a commercial juicer here in the United States (or really anywhere else that you might be able to find a commercial juicer, for that matter). In fact, this is far from the case, as juices like pineapple juice pack quite the nutritional punch as well, making them important additions to the regimen of any regular juicer out there. Pineapple juice, when unsweetened and free of any added sugars, can be particularly healthy.

This is backed up, similarly to orange juice, by research. It has been discovered that just one serving of the stuff (pineapple juice, in this case) will contain a good deal of calcium (around 33 mg of it) and nearly as much magnesium (around 30 mg of it, to be just a little bit more exact). In addition to this, already quite the nutritional load, this same serving of unsweetened pineapple juice will also have bromelain, which can actually help to aid healing, something which has been seen in a number of sports injuries both here in the United States as well as in many other places all around the world that also have access to pineapple.