The Popularity of Specialty Coffees and Espresso-Based Drinks

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White paper cup

There are a lot of supplies that you’ll need when you own and/or operate an independent coffee shop or cafe. From wooden coffee stirrers to paper coffee cups with lids. Then there’s the coffee, of course. People in the United States consume large quantities of coffee, and many seem to prefer specialty coffees due to their high quality.

While most of the coffee consumed within the specialty industry is Arabica, Robusta is also popular. These types of coffees are known to be the highest quality in the world, and 37% of the coffee-drinking population choose to drink these. Brewed coffee appears to be the best-seller at independent cafes; however, 31% of sales are for espresso-based drinks.

Just 30% of the population drinks coffee on occasion. Whether regular coffee drinkers prefer their’s black or with cream and/or sugar, they will consume 1.64 cups of coffee every day. Recent surveys show that 35% of coffee drinkers prefer their coffee without cream or sugar, and 65% add a bit of cream and/or sugar to their cups with wooden coffee stirrers.

Espresso-based drinks are consumed regularly as well. Approximately 150 million people enjoy a few shots of espresso as well as cappuccinos and lattes. Whether these beverages are served hot, cold, or iced, Americans will drink them throughout the day.

Many people in the United States will begin their day with a cup of coffee at breakfast or during the morning hours. According to a recent survey, 65% of coffee is consumed during this time. Between-meal cups of coffee are consumed by 30% of the population, and the remainder is consumed during lunch, dinner, and other meals, such as brunch.

In 2014 alone, the United States imported 27.5 million bags of coffee, which made this country the largest single buyer throughout the world. It’s also noteworthy that the United States’ coffee market is valued at an estimated $48 billion. The specialty coffee industry’s value share is 55%, and independent coffee shops have annual sales that amount to $12 billion.

Given this, it’s not surprising that you are in the coffee business. Whether you own and/or operate a single independent cafe or several, you know much smoother your business runs when you have everything you need on-hand.