Three steps in finding a good caterer

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Wedding catering stamford

The annual worth of the wedding industry is $40 billion. This is not surprising considering that about 2.5 million weddings are held every year in the US. As such, there are many caterers Stamford you can choose from for your wedding reception. However, not all caterers Stamford are the same in price and especially in the quality of their menu. So to help you find the best caterers Stamford, here are three steps that you should take.

First, find a catering stamford or catering Cambridge that can handle just about any type of reception. The non traditional wedding reception can be anything from wine tasting to, BBQs, brunch and dessert reception. The traditional Chinese wedding receptions on the other hand are generally nine to ten courses. This includes expensive dishes, such as sea cucumber, shark fin, lobster, sea bass, abalone, jumbo shrimp and squab. If they can handle these, they will certainly have no problem with a traditional wedding reception.

Second, on the average, the cost of catering per guest in a wedding reception is $61. Find a caterer that charges the standard rate. This means they have enough customers that they do not need to overprice their service just to remain in the business.

Third, find a wedding catering stamford that can provide the best drinks as well as the food. Custom cocktail is part of wedding reception of 31 percent of all couples getting married. You should therefore check if the caterer can offer the same, should you decide to have one. This will make your wedding a truly memorable day not just for your but for your guests as well.