Tips to Start a Restaurant

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In this video, you will learn about manager certification. When you are trying to open a restaurant, it is important to do your research ahead of time. You have to take a food safety certification test in order to run a business.

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There are three major topics you need to know before passing your exam. This exam is looking to see that you know what you need to do for equipment. They want you to know when it is time to switch out your utensils. Utensils that are in water must remain at a certain temperature. What is the temperature that the utensils have to remain in when they are sitting in water? The correct answer is 135 degrees or higher. This is how you avoid bacterial growth. The next topic is going to be hygiene. THe test is going to be 25% hygiene. Health always plays a role. They are looking to know if you are able to assign the worker a particular task or send them home depending on their symptoms. FOr example, if a worker comes in and they say they have nausea and vomiting. Keep watching this video for more information.