What do Some of the Best Seafood Waterfront Restaurants Offer

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The YouTube video on Can’t-Miss Waterfront Dining titled The Ultimate List of Waterfront Dining is a visual promotion or tourism video of the best seafood restaurants in St. Pete Clearwater area. The video does not have any narration but shows the restaurants with action scenes of customers eating and drinking and text clips with descriptions of what they specialize in.

Castile in St. Pete’s, found in the Zamora Hotel, is on the water and serves a variety of seafood appetizers and specialty fish and meat dishes to customers.

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The 360 Rooftop serves customers with a spectacular view, specialty cocktails, and the same menu as Castile because it is also located in the Zamora Hotel. Doc Ford Rum Bar and Grill, located on St. Pete Pier, has a shellfish bar with oysters and shrimp, a variety of seafood entrees, seafood tacos, sandwiches, and a menu for children.

Frenchy’s Rockaway Grill is a large seafood fast food restaurant where you can eat outdoors and order drinks from the bar on the beach with music and dancing. It serves fish and chips, seafood salad, grilled fish, and surf and turf. Other seafood waterfront restaurants mentioned were Salt Rock Grill, The Dewey Beach Bar, and Palm Pavilion Beachside Grill. The video concludes by encouraging you to visit St. Pete Clearwater area.