Whats the Best Seafood Chain Restaurant?

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If you live in America, then chances are that you have seen your fair share of chain restaurants. No food category is excluded from the grasp of the fast food industry, including seafood. Seafood chains have been around for several years, boasting new and delicious recipes on countless TV ads. However, is chain restaurant seafood that good? The phrase “chain restaurant” often holds implications of poor preparation or quality, so everyone is a little skeptical when it comes to choosing the “best” seafood restaurants. In this video, the hosts try 16 different seafood chains and give us all of their thoughts.

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Long John Silvers is the first restaurant to be roasted by this commentator. The caloric intake of even a single order of shrimp from LJS’s is astronomical, and for a sub-par taste. Bubba Gump and Arthur Treacher’s aren’t much better, not offering a big portion for the price. Joe’s Crab Shack has great crab, but everything else isn’t worthy of a recommendation. Ocean Prime focuses their effort on steak options more than the fish, and Red Lobster’s fish isn’t nearly as fresh as Truluck’s and Bonefish Grill.