Enjoy Life! Eat Dessert First!

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Are you the type of person who likes to eat dessert before – instead of after – dinner? Who wouldn’t? If you have a sweet tooth, nothing is more satisfying than a sugary treat, especially after a long day of work.

What kind of dessert do you prefer? While many people prefer a candy bar or some sort of chocolate as an after-dinner treat, others prefer ice cream. Because most ice cream is produced in June, ice cream is often thought of as a summertime treat. However, some people enjoy ice cream all year long – even during the cold months of winter. In fact, 90% of Americans regularly indulge in ice cream and other frozen treats.

When you go to the store, you are inundate

Three Fast Food Options That Won’t Ruin Your Diet

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Fast food doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Over the past few years, a major negative connotation has started to surround fast food. Everyone assumes that it has to equal fried food, greasy food, food that was made without care and without regard for the customers’ health. And for those of us that want to get food quickly, it creates quite a dilemma. You may not always have the time to prepare a healthy meal — but you also don’t want to eat food that’s bad for you. This issue gets even more complicated when you throw in food delivery. Say you don’t want or can’t drive out to pick up food one day; how do you find a food delivery place that doesn’t only deliver food that’s bad for you? B

Three Mexican Food Favorites

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What is your favorite type of cuisine? For millions of Americans it is Mexican food. In fact, it is the most popular ethnic food segment in the United States, and holds a 42 percent share of all ethnic food sales. From enchiladas and tamales to sopapillas and rellenos, there is so much to love about this incredible cuisine. Here are just a few of the favorites:

1. Tamales Many of the best Mexican restaurants in America are known for their handmade tamales which consist of some sort of a filling (either savory or sweet) wrapped in corn masa and then tucked inside of a corn husk before being

Organic Micro GreensA Great Way to Eat Healthy

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Organic micro greens are the small shoots of plants that people can eat. In other words, they are edible. They are basically a specialty produce that has, in fact, been around for a good 20 to 30 years. They are crunchy and flavorful, and many people enjoy adding microgreens to salads at home as well as when eating out. Microgreens, whether at home or in a restaurant kitchen, are best when they are kept at a temperature of about 39 degrees Farenheit. In a typical garden there are at least 100 different types of common flowers that are edible and pleasant tasting.

There are many different uses for organic micro greens in food. Some people, as was already mentioned, add them to a salad because of the many different flavors they add to the mix. They can also be used as an addition to sandwiches a

Food and Beverage Packaging Products May See an Expansion Into Other Markets

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They say that a majority of the careers that will be in need of talent in the next 10 to 20 years have not even been invented yet. Following that line of thinking, it simply makes sense that some of the technologies and processes that have become an integral part to a certain industry may also see new uses in the future. Technologies will expand to meet the needs of new economic trends; even food processing and packaging systems may be used for the distribution of non food items. Perhaps, for instance the pouch filling machines that have traditionally been used in food and beverage may be used for the packaging of legalized marijuana uses. As nine different states consider expanding the medical or recreational use of marijuana products, future cannabis distributors may look toward food grade shrink bags and po

The American Food Industry Continues to Expand, Tech Advances Minimize Waste

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Every year, diners across America spend almost $200 billion at fast food restaurants: the market for soda is worth more than $60 billion and expands by more than 15% each year. There are more than 250,000 fast food places across the United States, and health-conscious consumers have worked to get more salads and diet-friendly food options available in their favorite fast food restaurants. Health experts recommend keeping fast food purchases to a minimum, but generally agree that fast food is okay as long as you’re not eating out more than a few times a week.

In general, the food industry in the United States is experiencing a period of record growth, and is working to minimize food waste at every level. French voters recently passed a law that requires supermarkets to operate without waste: a

From I Do to Ice Cream

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Although summer is coming to an end, the weather is still warm and people are still consuming a lot of ice cream. Wedding season is also upon us, as many bride and groom to be?s enjoy a rustic wedding day. Something about fall and ice cream and weddings go together. Ice cream makes for a great dessert option at your fall wedding event. People are always looking for unique wedding favor and food options. We saw a few years of candy bars. Event planners would make a large display of candy options, all for the guest?s decoration and appetite. An ice cream bar is a great end of summer and fall option. It is something that all guests will enjoy and something that can be individually customized to fit your wedding day.

In a given two week period, according to research by the NPD Group, 40% of Americans will eat ice cre

Where Does Your Store Order Its Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Supplies?

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The end of summer does not have to mean the end of frozen sweet treats. In fact, some people think that yogurt cups filled with their own flavor selection and topped with their own selection of goodies are even better once summer is gone and cold weather arrives. The popularity of frozen yogurt cups and all of their add ons is confirmed by the number of independent businesses that sell yogurt across the country.
Although many of the yogurt stores across America sell a similar product, the way that they market that product can varies. In fact, whether you decide to sell yogurt cups topped with gummy bears or sugar cones filled with ice cream, planning your marketing is an important part of the start up process.

Liven up Your Special Occasion With the Right Catering Services

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For a special occasion to be really special, you need a mix of the right ingredients — the right setting and decor, the right people attending the occasion, and of course, the right food. There is no better way to celebrate a grand occasion but to engage in a hearty, gourmet meal with friends, family members and well-wishers. In fact, having great food at a special occasion adds one more important element for attendees to remember and cherish later on. This is why, when it comes to that perfect special occasion, one thing that you just cannot ignore is the catering.

When it comes to food for special occasions, there are very little in the way of rules and best practices. The only thing that you need to make sure is that the kind of cuisine being served matches the tastes of the guests in attendance

Where Did Frozen Yogurt Come From?

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Do you love ice cream? Most Americans do. On average, in any fourteen day period, nearly 40% of people in the United States will eat ice cream and the typical person will eat it 28.5 times every year. And it is not just ice cream we crave. Frozen desserts of all kinds are popular in the United States. Nearly 90% of all households are known to enjoy some kind of frozen treat on a regular basis. There are about 2.852 shops that sell frozen yogurt, as of the end of 2013.

Frozen yogurt is a lot like ice cream. In fact, many stores who sell it, try to make it as much like ice cream as possible. The history of that frozen delight goes back thousands of years. Frozen desserts were developed in Asia but the idea would not stay locked on that continent for long. Roman folklore and literature tells of the Empero