Delicious and Nutritious Hummus Recipes

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Roasted garlic hummus

Hummus is food product that originated in the Middle East many centuries ago. Since hummus usually comes in the form of a dip, most of the hummus that Americans see in stores consist of hummus spreads, spicy hummus dip, roasted garlic hummus dip, or other dip and spread recipes using hummus.

A common example of an easy hummus recipes requires mixing together mashed up chickpeas, olive oil, tahini, lemon juice, garlic, and probably a little bit of salt. Even though more and more people are eating hummus because they think that it is scrumptious, others consumer it because of

The Japanese Folktales and History Behind Three Popular Types of Sushi

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Find sushi restaurant

One of most popular foods in the world is sushi. While the simple, delicious dish of seemingly endless varieties is recognized as one of the world’s top cuisines today, it originated as a street food during the Asuka or Nara periods of Japanese history, sometime in the eighth century. Today, sushi is sold in many different forms in the best sushi restaurants across the world. According to IBIS World, the sushi industry in the U.S. alone generates over $2 billion a year.

Many assume that sushi was first created by accident, like cheese and beer. However, as any good restaurants selling sushi can tell you, sushi may have been born of divine intervention. As you will see, sushi rice and the many iterations of this Japanese staple built upon it were inspired by folklore and history.

What About the

Always Hire the Best Food Catering Company Possible

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Wedding catering florida

Have you ever noticed that food is always a huge part of just about every important occasion? Could you imagine a wedding reception, birthday party, graduation party, holiday gathering, or even watching the Superbowl without some kind of food? Of course, not. That is why the best food catering companies get so much business from clients who are planning a variety of events.

While food is the most important thing that an event catering company provides, the top food catering companies do a lot more than simply prepare and serve the food. For example, the most successful local catering companies need to be versatility enough to provide food services for a variety of occasions in many different venues. Clearly, this requi

Three Common and Flavorful Types of Salsa

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Southwestern salsa recipes

Did you know that salsa is the Spanish word for sauce? Salsa first originated with the Inca people once the Spaniards encountered tomatoes in the early 16th century, and the term “salsa” was coined in 1571. But what is salsa? Many salsas are tomato-based, and they are commonly used in Mexican cuisine. There are several kinds of salsa that can be made, and with a wide selection available, it is possible to find the best recipes using salsa.

1. Classic mild salsa dips. Classic salsa often utilizes the basic salsa ingredients. Tomatoes, onions, and peppers, for example, are all included in classic mild salsa dips. Since salsa is a simple combination of various vegetables, many recipes using salsa require these vegetab

Do You Love Crab Meat, Lobster Tails? Try Buying Seafood Online

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Florida keys seafood

For lovers of seafood across the country, the rise of the internet means being able to buy high-quality seafood online. Consider, according to the USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, Americans should be consuming eight ounces of seafood a week; that’s more than double what we currently consume. It used to be the case that not every American had a quality source of seafood; we were limited to canned clams and tuna. However, with the internet giving all Americans a means for buying seafood online from Florida Keys seafood providers and other American industries, every single American citizen can now reap the rewards of the seven seas.

Types of Seafood You Can Buy Online

  • Stone Crabs
  • According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admini

The Best Italian Food Delivered to Your Doorstep

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Event catering

The origins of the Italian foods that many of us know and love today have been traced back to 400 B.C. Of course, that was a time when the Roman Empire dominated the civilized world. It was also a time when the Roman diet consisted of foods like lentils, chickpeas, beans, fish, fruit, bread, and wine.

Even though the above is much more basic fare than the Americanized fattening lasagnas and Chicken Parmesan you find in today’s most popular, so-called Italian food chains, that food list still sounds pretty good. This is particularly true considering the fact that it is far past lunch time.

When it comes to ordering Italian food delivery, pizza delivery places are the favorite by far. Of course, we have all heard time

Check All Your Catering Equipment Regularly for Damage

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Top quality white rock wall cladding

Running your own catering company is not easy. Other than the quality of your food, you also have to make sure your commercial kitchen is well maintained, and that all the appliances are working. From the refrigerator to the dish washer, each appliance requires a specific type of maintenance. You have to know exactly what is needed, and who to contact for catering equipment repair. Once an appliance breaks or stops working, your entire business will come to a stand still, and you could lose money.

In a commercial kitchen, one of the most important appliances is a refrigerator. All your meat, vegetables, and dairy products must be kept at certain temperatures to meet food safety laws. Refrigeration is also key in ensuring your customers quality food. To keep this appliance functioning prop

What You Need to Know about Craft Beer Bars

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Caterers in wilmington de

Bars and public houses, or “pubs” as they are often called, are popular throughout the world. In Australia alone, pubs brought in $784.4 million in profit before tax in 2004. Pubs often have interesting names like “The Red Lion” or the “Crown,” or they can be named after the owner, like “James’s place” or “Dicky’s.”

While bars and pubs serve many different kinds of drinks, including, wine, liquor, cocktails, etc., it is beer that continues to be the most popular choice for patrons year in and year out. Recently, there has been an explosion in craft beer bars and pubs. A craft beer pub is one that serves a variety of specialty beers, often produced by

How Better Groceries Could Mean Lower Costs

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Healthy meals for the family

If you were to look at the state of American nutrition at any given point over the last decade, chances are you would be horrified, shocked, and disgusted at exactly what the facts have to say. According to NBC News, the average American family spends as much as $289 weekly on groceries. What are we spending our hard-earned cash on? As The Learning Channel reports, sodas, processed breads, and junk food make up the bulk of American grocery expenditures. Subsequently, according to the New Hampshire Department of Health, Americans consume 152 pounds of sugar every year, leading directly to diabetes and obesity.

Why is it that Americans have such a hard time spending money on healthier food? As 57% of female respondents told ShopSmart Magazine, fruits, vegetables, and other food