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What do Some of the Best Seafood Waterfront Restaurants Offer

The YouTube video on Can’t-Miss Waterfront Dining titled The Ultimate List of Waterfront Dining is a visual promotion or tourism video of the best seafood restaurants in St. Pete Clearwater area. The video does not have any narration but shows the restaurants with action scenes of customers eating and drinking and text clips with descriptions […]


How Do Your Teeth Play a Role in Your Overall Health?

Your mouth and teeth form a part of the digestive tract, connecting the outside environment to the inside of your body, so it stands to reason that whatever happens in your mouth will affect everything that is happening in the rest of your body. Having a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile is an asset […]


Can Chinese Ginger Tea Ward Off Colds

There is no disputing that a cold and flu can be very stressful. Dealing with teary eyes and running nose will obviously rob you off that peaceful day you expect. You will also have to prepare to visit the hospital to seek treatment. However, that does not have to be the case. Remember, your journey […]


Quick Meals for On-the-Go Families

The video talks about meals a person can make when they are too busy or tired from a workday. An individual can prepare such meals from scratch in as little as 15 minutes! The first meal discussed in the video is a delicious pasta with tomato sauce. The speaker recommends that the individual purchase cherry […]


Clean Your Skin With Banana Powder Mix

In a recent YouTube video on JennySue Makeup titled “What is Banana Powder and Why You Should Use It?” Jennifer Duvall discusses this powder and how to use it in your makeup routine. It is also called banana setting powder and is used to set your makeup after you apply it. Ben Nye made this […]

small wooden barrels

How to Use Small Wooden Barrels

If you or someone you know is ready to make the jump from a whiskey connoisseur to someone who ages their own stuff, it may be time for you to purchase some small wooden barrels. This is one of the best accessories for whisky lovers out there, and is sure to impress anyone who loves […]


Tips to Start a Restaurant

In this video, you will learn about manager certification. When you are trying to open a restaurant, it is important to do your research ahead of time. You have to take a food safety certification test in order to run a business. Video Source There are three major topics you need to know before passing […]


How Bean to Cup Coffee Works

How Bean to Cup Coffee Works If you want a visual perspective of how a bean to cup coffee machine works, this is a great video. It’s for those coffee lovers who are interested in the technical aspects of how a great cup of coffee is made. This short video showcases the bean to cup […]


10 Ways To Raise A Healthy Child

A parent’s top priority is their child’s safety. They want to make sure their child is protected at all times and living a safe and healthy life. So what exactly is defined as a healthy life for a child? Parents teach children to have healthy eating habits and send them out to play, but there’s […]