5 Great Ideas For Children’s Parties

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When you were a kid, birthday were magical. It was you special day, and it was incredibly important for your friends to come celebrate another year in your life — and not to mention bring lots of presents. Fond memories of childhood birthdays past have inspired parents to make the same investments in their own childrens birthday parties. Indeed, according to a poll at Babycenter.com, parents were asked how much they spent on their child’s first birthday, and a quarter of the respondents reported spending more than $500.

The truth of the matter is that as your child gets older, their birthday celebrations get more personally important to them, and they will remember them and place social importance on them more and more. Here is a list of great ideas to make your kid’s birthday party a day to truly be remembered:

Bounce House Rentals
A 15 x 15 foot bounce house can easily accommodate up to 10 children (and four adults for after hours), and makes for hours and hours of non-stop giggles and fun. Check out bounce house options to see what exciting varieties they come in — dependent on whether your kid likes spaceships or castles. Party rentals can change the name of the game for a party.

Game Time
Organize your child’s birthday party around one big game, or many smaller games, to keep all the guests breathless with excitement. Set up stations with classic party games, or organize a big group came of kickball, or a mass scavenger hunt. Don’t forget to have cake and party treats ready for afterwards!

Have a Chocolate Party !
If there is one thing that you know that everyone loves, it’s chocolate! Get a fondue maker to create the sweetest party possible. A chocolate fountain rental is a specialty device for serving fondue — a typical one resembles a stepped cone, which stands two to four feet tall, and features tiers over which the chocolate cascades. Get creative with things to dip so your little guests will remain intrigued.

Theme It Up!!
It’s never a bad idea to pick your child’s latest obsession and go with it. Look into party rentals and party rental equipment to accommodate your theme, and remember to specify on the invites that guest should come in costume!

Tent it Up!!
Getting a tent is a great idea, because it will allow the kids and adults to have fun outside while remaining protected from the elements. On average, a 40 x 80 foot pole tent takes about four and half hours to set up, so plan for that time or have the delivery men stay to help.

Check online for more party rentals, and remember that you are helping to create magical memories for you and your child!