Serving Hummus At Your Next Special Event

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Roasted pepper hummus recipes

A lot goes into the planning and implementing of an event. A person planning a large entertaining event must decide on the entertainment, the location, the guest list and finally; the food. The food that is served at your event really sets the tone of the party. It is also what people will remember about your event. They will remember if you had awful food, or even more so; if you had delicious food. An often overlooked appetizer option for your next event is that of hummus. Hummus is a widely known and enjoyed food, especially in the country of Canada. It is included in dips and spreads appetizers, which make a great food item that still allows your guests to move around and mingle with one another.

Dips and spreads are an easy and cost effective food item to serve at a party. There are many different hummus brands available to serve, as well. The best hummus brand will depend on the hostess? and their guests preferences. It is also a great option, because it does not contain any meat. Meat can be heavy and make people feel sluggish and tired. If you are encouraging mingling and interaction among your guests; dips and spread are a great alternative.

Hummus is also a healthier option to serve. A 2014 study published in the Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences found that people who snack on hummus have a 53% lesser chance of being obese and are 51% less likely to have high blood sugar than those who don?t eat hummus. Your guests will really appreciate the healthier option that you are serving.

Hummus is also easily accessible in Canada. Canada is one of the top five exporters of chickpeas worldwide. This makes it relatively easy to get, and it is often fresher and tastes better as a result.

There are a lot of uses for hummus spread. You can also figure out what to dip into the hummus. Breads are a great addition to the appetizer, offering something for your guests to dip into the hummus. Garlic bread recipes pair great with hummus dishes. You can also provide your guests with other types of bread, catering to all likes and preferences. A large spread of different hummus options and bread choices will look great and will ensure that each guest is satisfied with the appetizer options.

Hummus is a great dips and spreads appetizer option to serve at your next event. There are more than 15 public holidays that are observed in Canada (and up to 22, depending on the province or territory) ? perfect occasions for spending time and sharing snacks with family and friends. There are many advantages to hummus and to serving it at your next entertaining event. It is a healthier option, is cost effective and easy to obtain, can be paired with many other great snacking options and is widely known and enjoyed in the country.