Clean Your Skin With Banana Powder Mix

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In a recent YouTube video on JennySue Makeup titled “What is Banana Powder and Why You Should Use It?” Jennifer Duvall discusses this powder and how to use it in your makeup routine. It is also called banana setting powder and is used to set your makeup after you apply it.

Ben Nye made this powder popular in his makeup line for the theater. It is a loose yellow powder that is used to absorb oil on the skin and help hide dark circles under the eyes and skin imperfections. Jennifer says that it works best on medium to dark skin tones, and she uses it to hide dark circles under her eyes and brighten up her makeup.

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Jennifer uses a banana powder mix of regular white powder and banana powder. She sprinkles translucent powder and banana powder onto a Kleenex and mixes the two together.

Banana powder mix

She gets a small makeup sponge and dabs it into the mixture. She then applies the powder underneath and around her eyes first and on the sides of her nose and chin. The banana powder mix gives her skin a warmer, more natural appearance. It has become a popular makeup product over the last few years.