Quick Meals for On-the-Go Families

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The video talks about meals a person can make when they are too busy or tired from a workday. An individual can prepare such meals from scratch in as little as 15 minutes!

The first meal discussed in the video is a delicious pasta with tomato sauce. The speaker recommends that the individual purchase cherry tomatoes for this meal. Cherry tomatoes are small size tomatoes.

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The reason to use cherry tomatoes is that the individual can stew them down in a relatively short time period, as opposed to the lengthy process of preparing larger tomatoes.


The first step the speaker discusses for this meal is to boil a pot of water. It’s best to use a large crockpot and get the water to the boiling point before starting the process. The crockpot is for the pasta.

The next step is to put a separate pan on low heat for the tomatoes. The speaker recommends chopping an onion into dices so that it cooks relatively quickly. After dicing the onion, the person should coat the pan with olive oil. The next step is to slice some garlic while the onions are cooking. Then, the garlic and tomatoes go into the pan, and the lid should be closed. The rest of the details of this delicious meal are in the video.

Watch the video above for more quick and easy meals!