Enjoy Life! Eat Dessert First!

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Frozen yogurt cups wholesale

Are you the type of person who likes to eat dessert before – instead of after – dinner? Who wouldn’t? If you have a sweet tooth, nothing is more satisfying than a sugary treat, especially after a long day of work.

What kind of dessert do you prefer? While many people prefer a candy bar or some sort of chocolate as an after-dinner treat, others prefer ice cream. Because most ice cream is produced in June, ice cream is often thought of as a summertime treat. However, some people enjoy ice cream all year long – even during the cold months of winter. In fact, 90% of Americans regularly indulge in ice cream and other frozen treats.

When you go to the store, you are inundated with so many ice cream flavors. Which flavor do you prefer? While you might think that some sort of chocolate variety would be #1, a survey by the International Ice Cream Association member companies actually shows that vanilla is the top flavor.

Why would someone choose vanilla over the dozens of other tasty flavors? Vanilla is the most versatile flavor. You can add toppings to it to create the flavor combination you desire. It’s great for making sundaes, since you can add toppings and syrups as you please.

Speaking of toppings, do you have all the supplies you need for ice cream sundaes and everything else that your customers will order this summer? It’s important to have ice cream cups and tasting spoons on hand. You may even want to consider colored spoons to add some fun to an ice cream creation. You want to be prepared with all the dessert supplies you need so that customers will come back for more.

While you should consider stocking up on vanilla ice cream this summer, don’t overlook fun novelty flavors. Some customers will want to try something different. Berries are commonly used in ice cream flavors and have proven to be popular. Some customers enjoy bakery-inspired ice cream flavors as well, such as waffles, cookies and cakes. You might even want to consider holiday-themed flavors, like red, white and blue ice cream for Independence Day. When it comes to ice cream, the sky’s the limit.