Three Fast Food Options That Won’t Ruin Your Diet

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Fast food doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Over the past few years, a major negative connotation has started to surround fast food. Everyone assumes that it has to equal fried food, greasy food, food that was made without care and without regard for the customers’ health. And for those of us that want to get food quickly, it creates quite a dilemma. You may not always have the time to prepare a healthy meal — but you also don’t want to eat food that’s bad for you. This issue gets even more complicated when you throw in food delivery. Say you don’t want or can’t drive out to pick up food one day; how do you find a food delivery place that doesn’t only deliver food that’s bad for you? Believe it or not, there are places that serve healthy food in a fast, casual way. For that matter, not every fast food restaurant belongs to a huge chain or corporation. Some restaurants work with family farmers — in fact, about 25,000 family farmers have contracts with companies that serve fast food, and about 95% of broiler chickens are produced by family farms. With that being said, let’s look into some different types of meals that you can get quickly — without sacrificing your diet.

1. Salads

We know that salads are the classic sort of “quick, healthy” meals. But many still skip over them because they think that they have to be flavorless and boring to be healthy. In fact, many restaurants are spicing up salads, making them delicious without sacrificing everything about them that is healthy. The issue with salads is that they can indeed become overwhelmed with fatty dressings, which would negate their health benefits. Rather than choosing a salad with a creamy dressing, you could perhaps choose a salad with a light olive oil dressing. Some are even abandoning dressing altogether, instead having feta or parmesan cheese sprinkled upon their salads. A great, flavorful addition to any salad is fruit. Fruits like oranges and apples can sweeten a salad, turning it into a cool treat. If you want something more savory, consider nuts. Another great option is chicken. We’ll return to chicken a good bit in this article — and it’s no wonder why, with Americans eating chicken more than anyone else in the world at about 90.1 pounds per capita in 2015 alone. Shredded chicken can be added to a salad to make it a bit more interesting — that is, if you’re okay with turning this vegetarian option into something a bit more protein-rich.

2. Chicken Wings

Chicken wings may not sound healthy at first, but this is a great option for people who are looking for food delivery that is both delicious and fairly light. Chicken wings on their own are not fatty. What can make them less healthy is what you put on them. Obviously, breaded and fried chicken wings are not going to be as healthy as baked or grilled chicken wings. But the issue here can also be sauces. We’re so into dipping our chicken wings in barbecue sauce and hot sauce that we don’t consider how many calories those sauces add to what is a pretty healthy meal. Still, you don’t want your chicken wings to be bland. What may be a better option is coating your chicken wings in spices. This way, they aren’t breaded and they aren’t dipped — but they are full of flavor. If you want something a bit bigger, think about a rotisserie chicken delivery — that could feed several people.

3. Wraps

Wraps are a great option for those looking for a quick food delivery. They aren’t too big and they aren’t too small, satisfying even the hungriest people. Not only are they filling — you can also customize them to be vegetarian if you wish. But remember when customizing your wrap: just as with chicken wings and salads, stick to healthy ingredients!