Family (and Heart) Friendly Recipes

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Healthy family recipes

The key tenets to a healthy diet center around eating whole and natural foods. This means avoiding processed foods with ingredients that are nearly unpronounceable, and instead opting for food that comes directly from its natural source, such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, and organic dairy and meat. When feeding your family with healthy family recipes, however, all natural foods and organic foods can get costly. Instead of breaking your budget, try adding a few of these healthy family recipes to your weekly menu repertoire.

There truly is a healthy counterpart for any recipe. For example, in lieu of fried chicken cutlets, have you ever considered coating your chicken breasts in egg whites and panko and then baking them? Not only does this option cut out calories, but the act of baking lowers the fat content tremendously. There are other fun alternatives to unhealthy favorites, too. A favorite among my healthy family recipes are mashed potatoes without the potatoes. What? How is that possible, you may ask? Easy. Swap out the starchy and high carb (blood sugar enemy) potato with healthy cauliflower. Simply steam the cauliflower, add it to the food processor (along with some fat free cream cheese and parmesan), and voila, you have a heart (and waist line) healthy side dish for your dinner! And trust me, your kids will not know the difference!

Another favorite healthy family recipe is a low fat version of pad thai, which traditionally can be filled with oil and lots of unhealthy additions such as peanuts and sugar. In this healthy family recipes version of pad thai, simply replace the egg with an egg substitute, use tomato sauce, teriyaki, and (one teaspoon) of peanut butter as your saucy base, and you have the makings of a delicious dinner! To make this healthy family recipes version even better, cook your protein (such as shrimp or lean chicken) without the greasy oil that is commonly found in the traditional dish.

If you have a sweet tooth, how about some healthy family recipes for desserts? We have got you covered there, too. Make a few simple swaps such as replacing eggs with egg whites, or replacing sugar and oil with unsweetened cocoa or apple sauce, and you can turn most calorie laden desserts into a delectable finale to any meal!