Fresh, Organic Foods Appear on Catering Menus

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Event planning and catering

If you’re planning an event such as a party or a fundraiser or a awards ceremony, you’ll be glad to learn that caterers are changing their menus in keeping with the spirt of the times. Food catering menus now offer organic, fresh food, brunches with mimosas and omelette stations, and exotic cocktail eats on antipasto skewers. All of which makes event planning and catering much more fun and in keeping with your lifestyle.

New trends in catering menus
Tastes and fashions in food are changing and professional catering services are keeping pace. Light, healthy foods with fresh ingredients, themed parties and brunches are the order of the day on event menus. Some current trends in events and catering that will cheer you are:

Organic and sustainable ingredients
As the trend in favor of organic and farm-fresh food continues, caterers are adding healthier items to their menus. Most weddings have at least one green course. Seasonal menus ensure that foods will be fresh, delicious and preservative-free.
No more heavy foods
You won’t see heavy cream sauces, fatty double pork chops and deep-fried appetizers on catering menus. Exotic eats like mini lettuce wraps with chicken in a savory Thai peanut sauce on antipasto skewers or a combination of a grape tomato, a ball of mozzarella and a single olive are the munchies of the day.
Late-night snacks to fill in the empty corners
Or maybe the dancing had made everyone hungry again and dinner was a long time ago. Caterers will add a late night snack to the menu to keep the energy going.
Food bars
Taco, slider and even sundae bars let your guests make their own food as they like it. So long as there’s plenty of salsa and guacamole, everyone’s happy.
Brunch menus
For day-time parties and weddings, you can pick a brunch menu with mimosas, bloody Marys, omelet stations, and more.
Themed parties
If you’re planning a Great Gatsby-themed reception, good caterers will get into the spirit of things and serve up tea sandwiches and champagne cocktails.
Cupcakes instead of tiered wedding cakes
Cupcakes and cake pops are popular, lighter alternatives to the traditional tiered wedding cakes. They’re also less expensive.

Food safety and allergies
Event planning and catering staff are trained in food safety and allergies. They should be informed in advance of any food allergies and special needs so that they can plan their recipes and menus accordingly.

New trends in event planning and catering reflect changing tastes and preferences. With an emphasis on lighter, fresher foods with diverse flavors and unusual themes, they complement the mood of the party. By planning well ahead of time, you give the caterers plenty of time to turn out food and drink that will make your party or event truly memorable.