The New Way of Eating Chocolate That Gives A Whole New Meaning to “Chocoholic”

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There is a new trend poised to make it’s way to America. Just like the old-timey Dukes of old that used to snort dried tobacco, or snuff, A Belgian chocolatier has been popularizing snorting chocolate in Europe. There are reportedly dance parties in which the participants use this snortable chocolate powder to achieve a short term buzz. Before you start looking online for wholesale chocolate suppliers, there are a few things you need to know about this new craze

This is No Normal Eating Chocolate

The type of chocolate that party goers are snorting up their sniffers is no ordinary chocolate. The powder is actual cacao powder, the basis of chocolate, of very high purity. According to chocolatier Dominique Porsoone, the inventor of this sniffing chocolate, using normal chocolate would just serve as an irritant to your nose and not have the purported effects. Porsoone’s sniffing cacao blend includes a mixture of mint and ginger, that supposedly opens up the nose and allows the cacao to more easily access the bloodstream.

Chocolate Sniffling May be a Case of the Placebo Effect

We all have experienced the classic placebo effect sometime in our life. For example when you were a kid and your parents gave you sugar pills instead of Tylenol so that you would stop crying. Many experts say that this cocoa powder sniffing fad may just be a case of heightened expectations. If you were in the heat of a party where everybody seems to be having a great time snuffling chocolate powder, you would probably expect that the same type of positive reaction would happen for you. In fact many experts say that the levels of anandamide and phenylethylamine, the purported intoxicants, are not present at high enough quantities to have a significant effect.

Snorting Chocolate is Probably Not Healthy

As the saying goes, all good things in moderation. It should come as no surprise that snorting chocolate, or in fact anything, too much can cause damage to your nose. According to doctors, excessive used of snorting chocolate can lead to scarring of the nasal lining as well as damage to cilia, the fine hairs in the nose. Maybe choosing the old fashioned way of enjoying chocolate, might be a good idea from time to time.

Some People are Attempting to Make Snorting Chocolate Illegal

Because of the purported intoxicant effects of snorting chocolate some groups are calling on the DEA as well as the FDA to prevent wholesale chocolate suppliers from importing chocolate for the sole use of sniffing. However, wholesale Chocolate suppliers have nothing to fear as of yet. According to the DEA they have no intention of regulating chocolate. As for the FDA their stated position is that several things not intended for use as intoxicants are used in that manner all the time, for example cleaning products used as inhalants. It looks like right now the government won’t be stemming the cocoa sniffing.

Chocolate sniffing may just be another fad, in the same vein of the pet rock or milk caps. But if you are an American and are still interested in putting chocolate up your schnoz you may have to wait a while for the market to catch up. Currently there are not any mainstream suppliers of sniffing chocolate in the United States and unfortunately Persoone’s chocolate shop does not sell and ship outside of the European Union. For the time being it might be easier to enjoy chocolate with your mouth.