Getting the Right Coffee Accessories

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Coffee stands as one of the most popular beverages around the world alongside water, tea, and beer, and it is popular for not only its wide variety of flavors but also how it acts as as stimulant for the human body, making it a drink of choice for mornings, especially for those looking for an energy boost before a day at the office or other job. Coffee does not exist alone; lots of products have been made for carrying, mixing, and creating this drink, from paper hot cups with lids to coffee stirrers and plain white paper cups, among others. Why are paper hot cups with lids so practical for coffee, and who wants to get their morning coffee from such a vessel? Paper hot cups with lids are indispensable for coffee drinkers today because of their convenience. How does this work?

Coffee Around the World

The worldwide coffee market is enormous, and it supports similar markets for coffee accessories like sugar packets, stir sticks, and plastic lids for cups, among others. Today, although coffee is consumed around the world, the United States is the single biggest consumer. In particular, in the year 2014, the United States imported a total of 27.5 million bags of coffee, which means that this nation accounted for one fourth of the world’s un-roasted coffee imports. In the United States, the coffee market has a retail value of $48 billion today, and specialty drinks make up 55% of the market value. Independent coffee shops mange to sell about 31% of all espresso-based drinks, and the rest is brewed coffee, showing that while major coffee retailers are huge, Americans are perfectly willing to buy their coffee from all kinds of shops, some of which may add personal touches to their drinks or decor, making for a more cozy experience.

Who is drinking all this coffee? Statistics show that nearly 50% of the American population, about 150 million people, drink iced coffees, espressos, lattes, and more, and 30% of the American population drinks coffee occasionally. Coffee is popular to drink for breakfast, when a person will want an energy boost for the day; 65% of coffee is consumed at breakfast, and 30% is consumed in between meals. Meanwhile, only 5% of coffee is consumed with other meals such as lunch or dinner, or the occasional brunch.

How to drink coffee? Often, Americans choose to add sugar or cream to their drink, about 65% of all drinkers, while 35% would rather have their coffee plain, or black. In fact, it has been suggested that consistent coffee drinking can help with preventing the cognitive decline associated with aging, and a coffee drinker may expect a 65% decrease in chances of developing Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, according to data from a recent study. On average, Americans drink 1.64 cups of coffee per day, and they may sometimes want this coffee on the go rather than sit at home or at a local coffee shop and take their time. This is where special coffee products come in.

Products For Coffee Drinkers

Many adults who drink coffee are on the go, and this means that they need a non-permanent drinking vessel. One such solution is paper hot cups with lids, and they will often come with a cardboard sleeve to protect the hands form the hot drink inside. The advantages include not only a spill-resistant lid, but the fact that the coffee cup is light, will not shatter if dropped or bumped into, and it can thrown away or recycled when the drinker is done with it. This light, spill-resistant vessel is great to drink when walking to work or taking a taxi or subway to work, or even in the car if the driver is careful while drinking from paper hot cups with lids.

At the office, workers can collectively invest in and take care of a coffee maker in the break room, and the workers there can take turns buying products such as bean bags or grounds, sugar and cream products, paper cups, and wooden stir sticks for everyone to use. Workers should refill the pot as soon as they find it empty, and make sure to clean up spills at the coffee station to keep it attractive and clean.