How Many Cups of Coffee Do You Drink in a Day?

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Bread bakery

The school is about ready to start again and so, too, the race for quality coffee and fresh bread.
The quality coffee shops near campuses across country are getting ready to kick into high gear. As the sorority girls move onto campus early for rush and the athletes find themselves back in the gym and on the practice fields, the coffee shops and the bread bakeries near campus get themselves geared up again for the college crowd. It is not that the regular morning quality coffee crowd isn’t just as much of a fan of a strong cup of coffee, but those college students tend to be the ones who come and stay.
Stay from breakfast until lunch.
Stay until they feel they have studied enough for that upcoming exam.
Stay until they see that guy who they recognize by face, but not by name.
Combination Coffee Shops and Artisan Breads Make for a Great Combination
Whether you are a morning commuter or a third year college student, few things help the day off to greater start than a quality coffee. Pair that strong wake up drink with a delicious a piece of quality bread, muffin, or scone and you are ready for the day.
Consider some of these facts and figures about the coffee and bakery industry:

  • Ancient Egyptians, around 1500 B.C., were the first civilization on record to use sourdough.
  • Steaming hot cups of coffee are the perfect way to greet your coworkers the morning after a late night meeting a deadline.
  • The single-celled organisms that feed off of simple sugars and are crucial to bread baking are called yeast.
  • Restaurant coffee shop bread deliveries help many owners serve delicious pastries and artisan bread products.
  • Of all the countries in the world, Turkey eats the most bread with 440 pounds per person eaten on a yearly basis.
  • Night time coffee shops with board games comfortable gathering spots are popular places for high school and college students to meet.
  • Getting the first cup of coffee is the only way that some people can get their day started.
  • Cafes and coffee shops, especially those with fresh baked products, are great gathering locations for small groups of business planning team members, volunteers, as well as friends and college classmates.
  • Using daily coffee and bread specials, many small coffee shops can create a gathering of people who stop by for their favorites when they are available.
  • Production of commercial yeast is attributed to bread makers clear back in Ancient Egypt around 300 B.C.
  • One single package of yeast contains nearly 140 million yeast cells.
  • Flour is made up of about 70% carbohydrate known as starch.
  • Just knowing customers regular orders when they walk in can make them feel both welcome and appreciated.
  • One special dark roast a month is also a feature that brings many people into a coffee shop. In addition to getting a fresh cup when they are in your store, many people also like the option of taking the same fresh ground flavor home for their own coffee machines.
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  • stimates from 2016 indicate that 11.76 million Americans used five or more loaves or packages of bread in a single week.

If you find yourself a little sluggish in the morning, a STRONG CUP OF JOE might be just the ticket you need to making it through the day.