Get a Whole Latte Love With These Coffee Tips

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For many, their mornings aren’t complete if they don’t have a cup of coffee first thing. Some of us prefer to brew at home, while others pick up a quick cup on the go at a coffee shop. Others brew a cup in the office — and some might do all three! On average, recent statistics have shown that Americans drink almost two cups of coffee a day — often one in the morning and one in the afternoon — and the Unites States is the world’s largest one buyer of coffee. As a country, we imported almost 28 million bags of coffee in 2014, which was one quarter of global coffee imports that year. If you’re trying to set up a nice coffee bar at home or work, there are some essentials — such as stir sticks and sleeves — you’ll want to have on hand for the most optimal coffee experience.

It’s Not Just a Cup of Joe
There’s all kinds of coffee drinks these days — if you’re not a fan of plain, black coffee, you have options. There are two main types of coffee — Arabica and Robusta — and most specialty coffee is Arabica. This is also the type most likely to be seen in the grocery store or at major retailers.

As far as coffee drinks, you can choose from espresso, cappuccino, latte, iced/cold coffee, cold brews, and more — about half the population consumes these types of beverages. Only about 35% of coffee drinkers actually prefer black coffee, while 65% would rather add sugar or cream. Milk, soy or almond milk, honey, agave, and other forms of sweeteners or creamers are also available.

Independent coffee shops make a little over $10 billion annually and sell just over 30% of espresso-based drinks, with the rest of it being brewed coffee. The overall retail value of the coffee market here is almost $50 billion with specialty coffee contributing over 50%. Indeed, specialty coffees make up almost 40% of coffee cups and are the highest quality around.

The majority of coffee — 65% — is drunk during breakfast hours, 30% is drunk between meals, and the last 5% is drunk with meals other than breakfast.

What Do I Need to Make Good Coffee at Home or at Work?

Making coffee at home is up 4% — over 85% of people who say they’ve had coffee in the last day said that they made it at home. If you’re interested in setting up your own coffee operation at home, you’ll need a coffee pot (or French press or pour over mechanism) to make the coffee, good quality coffee, and filtered water. Depending on your method of making coffee, you may also need coffee filters or a coffee bean grinder.

Keeping paper coffee cups or stir sticks on hand if you’re in a rush and need to hit the road is also a good idea. And stir sticks, on the go coffee cups, and individually wrapped creamers or sugar are always good for the office, as they’re easily disposable and no one has to do dishes. With stir sticks, you can wave goodbye all those dirty spoons!

If you want to get truly fancy, you can purchase an espresso machine for all the latte love you require.

Tips For Getting Coffee On the Go

Coffee is generally better in the morning, as cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants prepare for the morning rush. Afternoon and evening coffee can be hit or miss as there’s the potential that it’s been sitting since the morning. If you’re a new coffee drinker, don’t be afraid to try out different types of blends — French roast might be too strong for some, while a breakfast blend might not pack as much of a punch for others.

If you can order ahead on an app, that might save you some time in line — you can simply get to the store and pick it up. Furthermore, taking advantage of any customer loyalty cards could save you a coffee a week (depending on how often you visit).

Being a little choosy when it comes to coffee can make your start to the day much more pleasant.