Looking for Authentic Mexican Restaurant? Here’s What You Should Look At

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Mexico is not only popular for its sunny beaches, beautiful mountains and amazing landscapes, but also for its wide range of delicious food. Research shows that about 71.08% of Americans households consume Mexican food or use Mexican ingredients in their meal preparation. Further studies also indicate 10% of restaurants in the U.S. sells Mexican food, making it the number one international cuisine in the country. This goes to show just how much people fancy this foreign cuisine. But as you enjoy meals at any Mexican branded restaurants in your area, are you certain you are eating authentic Mexican food?

Whether you are looking for a specific type of Mexican food or you are simply out to test the varieties, you’d want to eat at a place that guarantees genuine Mexican food for your appetite. The following tips will help you find best Mexican restaurants that serve tacos, burritos, Tostadas, Elote among other authentic Mexican traditional dishes.

Can you understand them?
When you enter into a local Mexican restaurant and happens to find someone who understands you, simply walk out and try your luck somewhere else. Why? Ethnic Restaurants will most likely have native staff, the waiters and waitress. These are people who understand their language and share traditional values. But a fake Mexican diner will probably have a staff from different races. In addition. the waiters at the restaurant should be wearing traje de charro, which is a popular costume worn by staff working in some of the best Mexican restaurants.

Corn or Flour Tortillas
Tortillas are made from either corn or flour, but for most Mexican restaurants, corn tortillas are the most common. The main difference between flour and corn tortillas is their texture. While both tortillas are soft and pliable, corn tortillas are extra soft and flaky. Note the difference? Now you can tell if your favorite diner is a real Mexican restaurant.

Salsa is Mexican favorite
There are so many restaurants around claiming to offer authentic Mexican food just because they hold a manual for different spices, don’t be swayed by that. Ensure the restaurant has at least one spicy salsa. This is one common spice you’d find in almost every authentic Mexican restaurant.

Do they offer refills?
In a genuine Mexican restaurant, refills are like taboo. Genuine Mexican resturants don’t offer refills for whatever case. If you want a refill, then you just have to buy another Mexican soda.

Lastly, it’s important to know that real Mexican restaurant uses cheese as part their ingredients and not for topping purposes. But an exception is the Alambre dish, which mainly constitutes of beef toppings, bell peppers, chopped bacon and plenty of cheese topping. With these few ideas, you are sure to distinguish between what’s fake and what’s real. You can now treat yourself to some of the best Mexican restaurants authentic dishes.