Tasty Recipes with Hummus

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Hummus dip recipe

Do you like collecting recipes with hummus? Do you think recipes with hummus add flavor to any dish? Or are you not sure what recipes with hummus are, or even what is hummus? If so, I will give an overview of what is hummus, and what recipes with hummus there are.

Hummus is short for hummus bi tahini, an Arabic phrase for chickpeas with sesame paste. The dish came from Syria and Lebanon, and has variants in Egypt, Yemen, and Israel. The chickpeas have protein and dietary fiber, and the sesame paste contains the amino acid methionine. 15 million Americans regularly consumed hummus in 2008, and the Association of Lebanese Industrialists petitioned the European Commission to protect hummus as a uniquely Lebanese food that same year.

So what recipes with hummus are tasty? You could make several spicy hummus dips, including roasted red pepper hummus dip. You could have a roasted garlic hummus dip, to add a little kick to your pita bread. You can even use a hummus spread on sandwiches, such as a lettuce and cucumber sandwich, to have a tasty, satisfying lunch.

Of course, there are many other recipes with hummus. To learn more, search online, or experiment for yourself. The recipes with hummus are only limited by your imagination.