Microgreens, a Vibrant Specialty Produce

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Microgreens are a specialty produce that are the harvested tiny leaves and stems of a juvenile plant, picked when it is less than 14 days old. They pack quite a nutritional wallop, generally smaller than two inches across, micro greens are more nutrient dense than their “grown up” counterparts. Microgreens have a fresh, delicate look but and a vibrant taste. They are used to add color, texture and flavor to a wide variety of dishes. Delicate micro greens make an artistic statement when used atop salads, and provide bold visual contrast when used for garnish. Microgreens can be cultivated from a wide variety of vegetables and herbs. Popular micro herbs include basil, mustard greens and mint. Micro herbs not only are pleasing to the eye, they do wonders for the palate. Micro herbs and greens can be easily muddled into cocktails, presented atop appetizers, tossed in signature salads, add fresh taste to soup, garnish entrees and even lend their beauty to desserts.

Specialty producers of microgreens may also grow edible flowers. Many people are not aware that they eat a fair number of flowers in a normal diet including broccoli, cauliflower, artichokes and capers. Specialty produce growers may also offer edible flowers for salads and sugar flowers for desserts. Some varities of edible flowers are pansies, chrysanthemums, carnations and dahlia. It is important to only consume or garnish with specialty produce flowers that are meant to be eaten and there for not treated with harmful chemical sprays. Edible flowers like Firestix make a gorgeous garnish for a cup of tea of used in a signature cocktail. Microgreens can be purchased from many specialty produce stores and directly from growers. Growing the perfect microgreens and getting them to consumers tables is a delicate art perfected by professional producers of micro greens.

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