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Three Mexican Food Favorites

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If you are a fan of Mexican food, you aren’t alone. Mexican food remains one of the most popular food choices in the US, and there are plenty of types of meals to choose from. If you know of local Mexican food distributors, you can get ahold of authentic materials that you can use to make homemade Mexican dishes. Many fans of Mexican love to go to Mexican restaurants, but they also want to know how to make authentic Mexican food themselves so that they can make it whenever they wish. There are good Mexican food ideas on recipe sites as well as sites devoted to Mexican food. There are also photos and recipes found on sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

If you want to make healthy authentic Mexican food recipes, it all comes down to the ingredients that you use. If there is a Mexican or Hispanic grocery store in town, this can be very helpful. It can also be helpful to check out the international food aisles of the major grocery stores in your area. With good ingredients and a little bit of meal know-how, you can craft a meal that is both authentic and good for you.

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What is your favorite type of cuisine? For millions of Americans it is Mexican food. In fact, it is the most popular ethnic food segment in the United States, and holds a 42 percent share of all ethnic food sales. From enchiladas and tamales to sopapillas and rellenos, there is so much to love about this incredible cuisine. Here are just a few of the favorites:

1. Tamales Many of the best Mexican restaurants in America are known for their handmade tamales which consist of some sort of a filling (either savory or sweet) wrapped in corn masa and then tucked inside of a corn husk before being steamed. To many in the Latino community, tamales remind them of time at home with family because the effort that goes into making several dozen or more tamales takes a lot of hands and a lot of time. Many families have specific tamale steamers that are used and passed down through generations, which makes the experience of cooking them that much more special.

2. Enchiladas – Another popular dish served in thousands of Mexican restaurants around the world is enchiladas, but do you actually know the meaning of enchilada? In America, the term enchilada was first referenced in 1885, but the concept of tortillas being used as a wrap clearly dates all the way back to the Aztecs. The word enchilada actually means “in chile,” which describes how the tortilla wrapped filling is usually topped.

3. Salsa – One of the first items that people think of when they hear the words “Mexican food” is salsa. There seems to be a never ending variety of salsa and every restaurant aims to serve the best one. From red tomato based salsas, to salsa verde made with green tomatillos, each salsa has it’s own unique personality. Research shows that salsa is actually the number one condiment in America which means that it surpassed others like mayonnaise, mustard, and ketchup; even more evidence that people in this country really do adore Mexican food.

Finding authentic Mexican food in your area might be a difficult task if you live in the south where Tex-Mex cuisine is king, but don’t let that deter you. The first time you taste an authentic handmade tamale, enchilada, or spicy red or green salsa you will not forget it, and chances are you will find your way back there again and again.