Top 3 Reasons Americans Love Mexican Food

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Mexican food has quickly grown to be one of most beloved cuisine options in America, with an estimated one out of every ten restaurants having a Mexican theme. That makes Mexican restaurants the most popular international eating establishment type in the country.

But what do Americans’ love it so much? There are several reasons.

  1. Flavorful Food

    There?s no question that authentic Mexican food, and even Taco Bell, taste really good. It?s the combination of ingredients that are used in so many ways that do it. The various spices and combinations of cheeses, meats, vegetables and seasonings play with the taste buds and make you want more. What should be contrasting flavors complement each other so well and in so many dishes.

    It’s hard not to like something that has so much diversity.
  2. Taco Bell

    Yes, Taco Bell. Some people say that liking Taco Bell is one of the signs you have never had real Mexican food. It may not be the best Mexican food, or the most authentic, but it sparked the discovery of the cuisine in America. The first Taco Bell opened in Los Angeles in 1962, founded by Glen Bell. In the 60’s, not many people were familiar with Mexican food. It wasn’t something that many people ate. It wasn?t until Taco Bell opened that Americans began to realize what immense flavors and tastes lay south of the border, and Mexican food became something of an interest.
  3. Spicy Foods

    It’s not just a cliche that Latino food is spicier than your average American meal. That spiciness not only makes the food more interesting to your palate, it also brings out flavors that you can easily distinguish. Things like a burrito or an enchilada stand out in your mind.

    But that doesn’t just mean spicy tastes or spices on the palate. Spicy denotes bold, interesting, and different. Spicy gets your attention, makes you wake up and take interest in what you’re eating. You may crave more, and seek out newer, interesting, dishes.

So it’s no wonder that Americans have grown to love Mexican cuisine and Mexican restaurants. There are so many things that the offer to the average person’s palate. The tastes, sensations and exoticness of the dishes offered make it a choice pick for the average American.