3 Types of Flowers That Add Zing To Your Treats!

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Crystallized flower

Edible flowers on treats and pastries have been a concept in practice for well over a century, and there are over 100 types of common garden flowers that are edible and palatable. These flowers add color and presentation to foods that make them more appealing to the eye, and often increase or compliment the taste of the dessert that you’re partaking in.

The process to create these flowers requires one to dry them, to preserve their natural beauty, then coat in a layer of sugar and sugar crystals. This makes them and exciting addition to any dessert. Their colors compliment the foods they have been added to and make them stand out more.

They also add a level of sophistication to a meal or treat, as sugar flowers for things like wedding cakes or cupcakes have been a common concept for many years. However, desserts are not their only use, and many of these flowers have been used as decoration for other meals.

Some examples of flowers chosen for this process are roses, pansies, and violas. Each one having their own specific usages and desserts that they work best with.

Crystallized Rose

The rose adds a sophisticated touch to desserts like wedding cakes, tortes, specialty brownies and others. Often romanticized as a flower, it has great usages in romantic occasions to brighten the atmosphere. It’s color also stands out well when associated with both lighter or darker desserts.

Crystallized Pansy

Unlike with most other flowers, leaving the front of their blossoms undusted in sugar makes the pansy look more appealing. It gives them the ability to shine brightly, and the sugar backing creates a stiff texture, which makes them lay flat. Their wide-range of colors compliment a variety of desserts.

Crystallized Viola

Finally, the viola. Like the pansy, violas come in many colors, allowing for a wide-spread usage in a variety of desserts, and even other foods. Crystallized violas have been used in soups, as well as things like wedding cakes and tarts.

Using a crystallized flower for your wedding cake or any other dessert that you’re presenting, either at a party or a wedding, is a good way to make an impression. The sense of sophistication, as well as the sweet and palatable nature of the process, makes them a wonderful addition.