How You Can Add the Fine Dining Experience to Your Home With Microgreens

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Are you interested in microgreens, true leaves, and other edible flowers? Have you ever wanted to grow your own microgreens? It turns out, this is actually a very difficult process for many to master. In fact, even those with experienced gardening skills can still struggle when growing their own microgreens. Just because you can?t grow them, it doesn?t mean you can?t enjoy the benefits of microgreens, micro herbs and an edible flower or two. You simply have to find the best place to purchase edible flowers and plants to enjoy all they have to offer.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of microgreens and true leaves? Keep reading to find out how everything from edible blossoms to herb crystals can enhance your cooking and dining experience.

What Are Microgreens and True Leaves

If you?re new to the world of microgreens, you may still be a little unsure what exactly they are and why you should want to purchase them. A microgreen is a stem and leaves that can be grown or purchased. Just as leaves start to sprout, you want to clip microgreens and add them to your recipes and dishes to enhance the flavors. Microgreens can range in taste from spicy to sweet depending on the variety you purchase.

Microgreens and their true leaves are more than just an addition to your salad on the dinner table. They can truly add complex flavors that you would not expect to find in the ordinary side salad at a restaurant. That?s one reason why the business for microgreens is currently booming, even though they?ve been around for more than 20-30 years in places like the upscale dining industry. People are catching on to all the wonderful flavors microgreens can add to dishes.

There?s also a neverending supply of options when it comes to microgreens and true leaves. In total, when it comes to edible flowers and plants, there are more than 100 varieties. Now that people are catching on to this growing trend, soon we?ll be able to find microgreens and edible flowers on home dinner plates instead of just at expensive and fancy restaurants. Purchase microgreens to use at home, and you?ll find yourself saving around $30 on a fine dining experience.

How Microgreens Can Make Your Dining Experience Better

When people are cooking meals and plating them at home, they oftentimes don?t think about food the way a head chef would, for example. Instead, they simply cook up a meal and drop it on some plates. When you really consider what you?re cooking and how you?re plating it, this can enhance the taste of the food and one?s experience while eating it.

One statistic about food presentation and plating breaks it down by explaining how many colors and food components children want on a plate versus adults. While adults are satisfied with three different colors and three different items, children want more. They usually look for six different colors of food and seven different components on their plates to be fully satisfied.

This also explains why it is the fine dining industry that usually uses food components such as microgreens, true leaves, and crystallized edible flowers. It takes some added effort to get these components on the plate in an appetizing way. Therefore, many home cooks don?t always go the extra mile. It can seem like a daunting endeavour, especially if you?re told you need to be growing your own microgreens. Don?t get stuck in that mentality, though. Make it a little easier on yourself by buying microgreens and then taking the extra time to plate your food nicely for your next dinner party.

See how your guests react to the plating of the food, the enhanced taste of the food, and the entire dining experience. You?ll probably be surprised to see how microgreens can add that perfect extra element to the entire experience to take it over the top. Your next dinner party with feel more like a fine dining restaurant without the added cost.