Ice Cream’s Popularity Across the US Will Shock You — Even if You Eat it Daily!

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Custom ice cream containers

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! If you live in the United States, chances are very high that over the last year, you’ve enjoyed either ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato cups, or another form of frozen dessert at least once. In all actual fact, saying you’re likely to have had one of these treats once is something of an understatement. You’re very, very likely to have had a frozen dessert of some kind recently. How do we know? Well, ice cream is extremely popular, for one. But it’s a lot more popular than you’d probably think!

The average American consumes ice cream about thirty times per year. That’s a massive amount of frozen goods. As if it weren’t already plainly obvious from the above statistic, here’s an even more surprising one that will blow your mind — it is reported that over the course of any given two weeks, just under half of all Americans (about 40% of us) will eat ice cream. Let that sink in!

So, it’s no secret that frozen treats are extraordinarily popular. Businesses serving ice cream have become increasingly prevalent as a result. One wouldn’t have to look very far in any city to find shops offering not only ice cream, but gelato cups, frozen yogurt, milkshakes, and the like. At the end of 2013, America’s collective sweet tooth saw 2,582 frozen yogurt shops do great business. It’s clear that Americans love their frozen treats!

Operating a small ice cream shop or a business that sells similar treats is a popular investment. Acquiring supplies and product is relatively easy, as there are literally billions of gallons of ice cream produced in the U.S. yearly. Think of Niagara Falls made of ice cream, and you’ve almost got an almost accurate image in your head! It’s also very easy to know your business. Summer months will obviously be busier than Winter months, unless you live somewhere where there is practically no difference between the two seasons. The production processes for these snacks are unique, however. What this means is that you won’t be able to make ice cream, gelato cups, etc. without the proper equipment to do so. We’ve all been crafty and made due with less in our kitchens, but that simply won’t work with a product like ice cream! It truly is one of a kind.